Burger Ebersohn, Project and Technical Account Manager

In 2007, Burger Ebersohn became Project and Technical Account Manager for orderTalk. With eight years of experience in the online ordering industry and 16 years of web and multimedia development experience, Burger is an integral member of the projects and technology teams who also collaborates with external management and implementation teams.

Burger began his career in high school by creating and managing websites for a South African Internet Service Provider (MWeb) and followed that web and multimedia development path at various advertising and digital marketing agencies. Prior to orderTalk, he managed the regional office in Cape Town for one of Africa’s largest digital media replication service providers.

Certified as a macromedia/Adobe web and multimedia developer with formal PMBOK and agile project management training, Burger frequently serves as a participant and presenter at Dallas-based Meetup® Group covering web development solutions using the Google AngularJS framework and supporting libraries.